Coin Zoo upgraded

It has been almost two-and-a-half years since the last big upgrade (to Coin Zoo 3.0). This one is more like 3.5, though. That's because it looks pretty much the same on the front-end, but under the hood it is (mostly) different.

Like last time, this upgrade saw Joomla! go to a major new version, but unlike last time, I kept the same template design. Of course, the template had to be upgraded, too, but not any of the design work. What can I say... I really like the way this one looks. Especially that monkey hanging out behind the scenes.

One new feature that is visible are Amazon Affiliate links to coin collecting supplies. My hope is that I can generate a tiny bit of money to cover some hosting and other expenses. To make way for some of the Amazon stuff, I ditched some of the Google Adsense ads. With Amazon, I can put stuff I know and trust. With the Google ads, I kept seeing questionable things.

If you click any of the Amazon links, you don't have to buy my suggestion to help out the Coin Zoo. If you go to Amazon from here, and buy anything at all, I will receive a small bit of money, at no extra cost to you. So, if you do that, thank you!