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World Coins Quick Collection: TURTLES

Brazil 500-CRUZEIROS (KM624)

Loggerhead Sea Turtle

Canada 25-CENTS 150th (KM-new)

Bird, Beaver, Turtle

Cape Verde 1-ESCUDO (KM27)

Loggerhead Sea Turtle

Cook Islands 50-CENTS (KM41)

Hawksbill Sea Turtle

Fiji 6-PENCE (KM11a)

Green Sea Turtle

Fiji 6-PENCE (KM19)

Green Sea Turtle

Maldives 50-LAARI (KM72)

Loggerhead sea turtle

Poland 2-ZLOTE (Y427)

European Pond Turtle

Seychelles 10-RUPEES (KM-new)

Aldabra Giant Tortoise

Tonga 1-SENITI (KM4)

Radiated Tortoise

Tonga 2-SENITI (KM28)

Radiated Tortoise

Tuvalu 1-DOLLAR (KM7)

Hawksbill Turtle


Wolf, Turkey, Turtle

A Gift From Wisconsin

coins from Marilynn

Thank you to Marilynn from Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, for gifting these three US coins to the Coin Zoo!

This is the best way to discover new coins

maria coins 2017

If you were to take all the animal coins in the Coin Zoo and all the coins listed in my Need It list, they together represent all of the circulating animal coins (by type) issued in the world from 1901 onward. That I know of.

World flag map

Map includes visitors from January 2013 onward.