A Gift From Arizona

arizona postcard

Back in early July, I received an email from Coin Zoo visitor Roger B. from Arizona, USA. Roger had noticed a Vatican City coin in the Zoo whose animal and theme I was unable to identify, and helpfully provided me the missing info (including reference links). Receiving missing information (and corrections) from Zoo visitors over the years has helped me continuously improve the Coin Zoo.

Well, after some emails back and forth, Roger contributed to the Zoo in a spectacular way by sending along 11 different coins (pictured above) from my Need It list. That's a great big wow!

Roger's gift includes coins from five different continents, including three Vatican City coins, a beautiful Australian dollar, and two coins from Hong Kong. The Hong Kong pieces add a brand new country to the Zoo and also complete that country (since I only know of the two animal coins from there). Lesotho was also completed, with the addition of the final piece on the Need It list.

My favourite piece in the group is the 1975 Vatican City 10 lire coin. This is because of the "pillow" effect in the design of the coin -- something I have not seen before. The fields of the coin are the same height as the devices, with the fields sloping downward to meet the edges of the devices they define, resulting in a pillow effect. (The effect shows well on the obverse.)

All of the new arrivals have been photographed and prepped, and I will be adding them to the Zoo over the next couple of days. Remember, the New at the Coin Zoo feature always shows the most recently added coins.

Thanks, Roger!