Now Displaying 735 Coins from 144 Countries

After the first major content update in awhile, Daniel's Coin Zoo now has 735 animal coins from 144 countries on display. Besides the three dozen plus new coins in the zoo, there have been dozens of corrections and updates made throughout the site. One of the biggest changes is the "Need It" list... it has grown by almost 200 coins!

I recall some time in the past claiming I had two out of every three animal coins on display here, but now, with more coins then ever, I estimate I have less than 60%. Most of the new coins were discovered thanks to the amazing catalogue at Numista. (I have set up a swap list on Numista under the user name "Klementz".) 

As of this entry, I have 530 coins on my Need It list, with a handful of those on the way thanks to some swaps over at Numista. That puts the total goal for this animal world coin collection at 1,265 pieces. This count is for the "animal side" of the coin only. In other words, if the design with the animal stays the same, while the other side changes, I don't have the different versions on my list. (Although, if the metal the coin is struck from changes, and I really like the piece, I will go for both examples.)

I have also discovered more non-circulating coins in the zoo than I thought. Oh well. I like them, so they get to stay. In most cases, the non-circulating animals that snuck into the zoo could easily pass as regular circulating coinage in their respective countries. I can even imagine some of them sneeking into pockets and changing hands.

Now, to see how long this most recent coin collecting binge lasts...