Welcome to Coin Zoo 3.0

After about 100 hours of work, Daniel's Coin Zoo version 3 has launched. This time the whole thing was re-built from the ground-up. Hopefully it is now faster and easier to use.

The upgrade included moving from Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 2.5. Although Joomla 3.0 is available, I will be patient and wait for the 3.5 version. (For some unknown reason, Joomla numbers long-term releases as x.5 and short-term releases as x.0.) In the future, moving to a newer version of Joomla will be much easier than in the past.

This version of the Zoo also sees the main engine changed to YOOtheme's excellent and powerful Zoo application. An app called "Zoo" to run the Zoo. How fitting! The entire Coin Zoo is now built on the Zoo Catalog application. Hopefully anyone out there looking for an example of YOOtheme's Zoo Catalog app in action will find their way here -- via this article -- and have a look-see.

Of course, the whole template has been replaced with the spiffy new animal-themed template, including the peek-a-boo monkey hanging from a tree branch. if you have a really wide monitor, you may be able to make that branch hang in mid-air, but it would have to be pretty wide.

The coin count also rose from 694 to 703. That's because I discovered some coins that were unpublished. Not sure how that happened, but they've been sitting in the dark all this time, out of view. Next step, add some more animal coins to the collection.