Coins from Lithuania

coins from Luka on postcard

Back in September of this year, I received an email from Luka in Lithuania inquiring about trading some animal coins from her part of the world with animal coins from my part of the world. Of course, I said, I always love the opportunity to do that!

This week I received a very nice package from Luka with a collection of seven different Lithuanian coins featuring Vytis, the White Knight. As well, there were two coins from Latvia, the country to the north. This was especially exciting for me, since up until now I had not found a single Latvian animal coin for the collection.

Rounding out the trade was a thick one pound coin from Britain featuring a Welsh Dragon. Gotta love those dragons! I will be adding these coins to the Coin Zoo over the next week and a half.

In return, I sent along a small collection of Canadian animal coins, including a couple of centennial pieces from 1967. Luka initiated the trade as a surprise for her husband who collects coins and banknotes with animals on them. You can see his Money Zoo blog here.

In the image you will notice the coins are arranged on a nice postcard with cute cats. This card is created by Luka, who has been creating animal art since she was a child. You can see more of her artwork creations here.

Many thanks, Luka!