You know the catalogue is wrong when...

trinidad hummingbird Google an animal, and it comes up all coins. Which is to say, you enter a search term like "Balisier Hummingbird", because that is what the Krause catalogue says is on the coin, and the results are pretty much all coin sites quoting the catalogue. But this one goes one better than that!

I already had a few Trinidad and Tobago coins in my collection, but they were not yet listed in the Coin Zoo. I also had a few on my "Need It" list. When I finally got around to adding Trinidad & Tobago today, I Googled "Balisier Hummingbird" and the number one result was... wait for it... "Daniel's Coin Zoo - NEED IT!".

I did not have to flex my google-fu muscles much beyond that to realize there is actually no such thing as a "Balisier Hummingbird." It turns out that there are over 20 different species of hummingbirds found on the islands of Trinidad & Tobago, and I am sure this coin is meant to be representative of all (or most) of them.

And the "balisier" part? That would be the flower the hummingbird is about to dine on.

balisier hummingbird