Mozambique 10000-METICAIS (KM131)
Mozambique 10000-METICAIS (KM131)

Mozambique 10000-METICAIS (KM131) Rhinoceros

Mozambique's currency was changed from Escudos (as a Portuguese colony) to the Metica in 1975 when the republic was formed. The first monetary reform came in 1980, and the unit of currency was changed to the "Metical" (plural Meticais).

This coin was minted in 2003 only, ten years before the Western Black Rhino was declared officially extinct.

The denomination reveals that Mozambique was suffering from rampant inflation. Two years later, the country would undergo monetary reform once again, with one thousand old meticais replaced by one new meticais.


  • Diameter: 26.6 mm
  • Composition: Stainless Steel in Brass ring
  • CAT#: KM131

Obverse Legend


Reverse Legend


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