Zoo Collection Hits 600

On Saturday 28 January, I traveled to Hamilton for the Canadian Association of Numismatic Dealers (CAND) Coin Show. As usual, it was an excellent show and well worth the trip. Besides getting to see some coin-collecting friends, I found some nice coins for the collection. Seven coins join the animal collection, one each from Bolivia, China, France, Ireland, Mexico, Norway, and South Africa. These seven coins brought the collection total to 600. As usual, the list of animal coins to obtain grew as well and now stands at 907. Only 307 to go! One of the dealers where I found some of the coins confidently told me that the last few hundred would be impossible to find. Maybe not impossible, but it does get more and more difficult. But then again, this is a multi-year project. I will add a few of these new acquisitions soon, and the rest go into the queue. Enjoy!

- The Zoo Keeper