Colombia fauna set puts Coin Zoo Over 800

colombia animal coins

With the addition of Colombia's new fauna coin set, Daniel's Coin Zoo has passed the 800 mark. Specifically, 802 coins with animals from around the world are now on display.

This beautiful set was issued starting in 2012. My two favourites are at either end: the 1000 peso Loggerhead sea turtle, and the 50 peso Spectacled bear. The bimetallic loggerhead shines with a more elaborate design, while the beautiful bear engraving on the 50-peso piece is anchored by a nice abstract set of lines.

You can view the coins in more detail here.

While my Coin Zoo collection has grown by around 9% since the last update in May, the total goal has also grown by around 2%, to 1,293 total coins. Therefore, I am slowly advancing, but there are presently 491 animal coins to be acquired.