White Lion Cubs Born at Ghamadan Zoo

white lion cubs

Today the Coin Zoo received a rather unusual communication. It came from the Ghamadan Zoo in Amman, Jordan announcing the birth of five white lion cubs on 27 August, 2007.

At first I thought it might be a scam, since the communication seemed to be soliciting money. However, on closer inspection it turns out to be a case of mistaken identity: The Business Development Manager of the zoo mistook Daniel's Coin Zoo for a real zoo!


The communication sought financial support to take care of the rare lion cubs at the Ghamadan Zoo and also offered to sell them to have "good health conditions in other zoo." Another possibility given was to trade one of the cubs for a male Siberian Tiger.


Unfortunately, we have some cat allergies around the house, so I certainly don't have a Siberian Tiger to trade. And I don't think my spare animal coins are what they are looking for. I am sure the white lions will have a good home, whether at the zoo in Jordan or another zoo.

whitelions boys

Note: Sometime later, I was contacted by some Jordanian journalists who were investigating the zoo for an exposé. Apparently the zoo's methods were, ahem, somewhat unorthodox.