Cook Islands 1-CENT (KM422)
Cook Islands 1-CENT (KM422)

Cook Islands 1-CENT (KM422) Hen

This circulating commemorative coin features a Hen (female chicken), or possibly a rooster. Everyone thinks it is a rooster, probably because the Krause catalogue says so, but as a former farmer, I can tell you that it looks more like a hen because the comb, wattles, and tail are smallish for a rooster.

On Rarotonga there are large herds of wild chickens roaming freely over the island. Apparently they are everywhere, including wandering around the airport.

This coin was issued in 2003 and is one of four coins issued that year featuring animals.


  • Diameter: 21.9 mm
  • Composition: Aluminum
  • CAT#: KM422

Obverse Legend


Reverse Legend


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