United Arab Emirates 25-FILS (KM4)
United Arab Emirates 25-FILS (KM4)

United Arab Emirates 25-FILS (KM4) Gazelle

That's a gazelle on the coin, but what kind? The Krause catalogue claims it is Gazella leptoceros (aka Rhim Gazelle), but that animal is not found on the Arabian peninsula. Also, the catalogue refers to it as an "Arab Dune Gazelle" which does not appear to be a name for Gazella leptoceros.

The UAE is home to two types of gazelles: Gazella gazella (aka Mountain gazelle) and Gazella subgutturosa (aka Goitered gazelle). The latter has a sub-species present in UAE: Gazella subgutturosa marica (aka Sand gazelle). Sand... dune... it fits. On the other hand, it could be any and all of the above.


  • Diameter: 19.9 mm
  • Composition: Copper-Nickel
  • CAT#: KM4

Obverse Legend


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