Slovenia 1/10-LIPE (X#Tn7)
Slovenia 1/10-LIPE (X#Tn7)

Slovenia 1/10-LIPE (X#Tn7) Honey Bee

Technically, this is not really a coin. It is a token from a set of tokens that were minted by a man named Bogdan Oblak. He launched the "lipa" currency in 1989 as a replacement for the Yugoslav dinar, which was undergoing hyperinflation. Apparently this privately created currency actually worked as a currency -- it actually circulated -- and was briefly considered for the newly independent Slovenia in 1991. However, the newly formed country went with the tolar and minted its first official coins in 1992. [SOURCE]

According to Numista, only 5,000 of this beautiful token were minted, so I am very pleased to have a nice example in the Coin zoo.


  • Diameter: 22 mm
  • Composition: Brass
  • CAT#: X# Tn7

Obverse Legend


Reverse Legend

0.10 1991 LIPE

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