San Marino 500-LIRE (KM153)
San Marino 500-LIRE (KM153)

San Marino 500-LIRE (KM153) Beasts of War

This subject of this "commemorative" coin is Nuclear War Threat. It was minted in 1983 only, and being a 21 year old at that time I can confirm that the threat was real and pervasive.

The three "beasts" raining hell-fire down on the hapless people look a little like horses, but it would not be fair to horses to call them that, so I am going with "Beasts of War" on this one. A creepy image, indeed, but fitting for the era.


  • Diameter: 25.8 mm
  • Composition: Bronze in Stainless Steel ring
  • CAT#: KM153

Obverse Legend


Reverse Legend

1983 L.500

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