Poland 2-ZLOTE (Y896)
Poland 2-ZLOTE (Y896)

Poland 2-ZLOTE (Y896) Tarpan

Poland continues its World Animal Series with this 2014 Tarpan coin. The Tarpan is an extinct species of wild horse also known as the Eurasian wild horse.

The taxonomy of this extinct species is very confusing. Officially it is Equus ferus ferus, but if biologists followed the nomenclature rules it would be named E. caballus or E. caballus ferus if it is a sub-species. It was named E. gmelini in 1912, but that was apparently a mistake. I guess the Polish mint got confused and called it E. caballus gmelini. So, tarpan it is!

Wild horses were hunted to extinction, with the tarpan surviving the longest. The last known wild tarpans died out between 1875 and 1890. The last known wild mare was killed during an attempted capture, and the final captive tarpan died in a Russian zoo in 1909.

Thanks to Oleg for sending me this coin!


  • Diameter: 26.8 mm
  • Composition: Brass
  • CAT#: Y896

Obverse Legend


Reverse Legend

Equus caballus gmelini KONIK POLSKI tarpan

Edge Legend

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