Cayman Islands 1-CENT (KM87a)
Cayman Islands 1-CENT (KM87a)

Cayman Islands 1-CENT (KM87a) Grand Cayman Thrush

First issued in 1972 (KM1), this thrush has been a standard on the reverse of the 1-cent coin. It also appears on KM26, 87, and 131 (obverse and composition changes).

This bird has been identified as a 'Great Cayman Thrush', but try Googling that and you'll turn up references to this coin only, but not the bird itself. However, you will find the Grand Cayman Thrush, an extinct species of Grand Cayman Island.


  • Diameter: 17 mm
  • Composition: Bronze-clad steel
  • CAT#: KM87a

Obverse Legend


Reverse Legend


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