Thailand 1-BAHT (Y96)
Thailand 1-BAHT (Y96)

Thailand 1-BAHT (Y96) Oxen

This coin is an FAO issue, showing oxen ploughing a field (there are two of them on the coin). An Ox is simply a cow that has been trained as a draught animal. They are usually castrated males.

Judging by the ornamentation and pointy hat on the ploughman, this is a depiction of the Royal Ploughing Ceremony, a traditional ceremony dating back to the 13th century. It marks the beginning of the rice season, and is still held in Thailand and Cambodia. That could be the monarch himself guiding the oxen.


  • Diameter: 26.9 mm
  • Composition: Copper-Nickel
  • CAT#: Y96

Reverse Legend


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