Maldives 5-LAARI (KM114)
Maldives 5-LAARI (KM114)

Maldives 5-LAARI (KM114) Bonito

The Bonito are actually eight different species from four genera (three of which have one species each). It is in the family Scombridae which also includes tuna and mackerel. 

Such fish are traditionally caught in the Maldive islands, where they are a staple of the local diet. Processed (cured) fish that is ready for eating or export (to Sri Lanka, for example) are called "Maldive fish."

The original scalloped version was replaced by this round (and slightly smaller) coin in 2012.


  • Diameter: 16.8 mm
  • Composition: Aluminum
  • CAT#: KM114

Obverse Legend


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