Kazakhstan 5-TENGE (KM9)
Kazakhstan 5-TENGE (KM9)

Kazakhstan 5-TENGE (KM9) Ounce (Leopard)

The stylized animals on this series of Kazakhstan coins is based on Scythian (Saka) figurines found during excavations of burial mounds.

Here is the Kazakh National Bank's explanation for this image:

"Ounce" is one of the most popular personages in East culture. It always had sacramental functions, guarding a person against shady characters. Besides, this figure reflects reverence for smartness, power and fearlessness of the animal. The image was taken from the goods found in Issyk Turmulus.

My friend in Russia who obtained many of these coins for me tells me that Ounce is the Mythical Leopard, one of the most popular characters in eastern culture. Her interpretation also states that the Leopard protects people from dark forces (referred to as "shady characters" by the Kazakh bank).


  • Diameter: 22 mm
  • Composition: Copper-Nickel
  • CAT#: KM9

Obverse Legend


Reverse Legend

1993 5 ТЕҢГЕ

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