Mauritania 20-OUGUIYA
Mauritania 20-OUGUIYA

Mauritania 20-OUGUIYA Camel

In 2017 Mauritania underwent monetary reform, with one new ouguiya replacing 10 old ouguiya, which is nice for the Coin Zoo, since three of the five new coins feature animals.

Mauritania is mostly desert, so it makes sense that camels are a big part of daily life in the country. In 1970, a camel-based dairy was founded that today buys raw camel milk from some 1000 semi-nomadic families in the country.

This is the first-ever tri-metallic coin I have seen.


  • Diameter: 26 mm
  • Composition: Bronze-clad steel in nickel-clad steel ring in brass-clad steel ring

Reverse Legend


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