A Little Surprise

cnj cover

While attending the summer Torex coin show in Toronto, I had the pleasure of meeting Dan Gosling, 2nd Vice President and Librarian of the Canadian Numismatic Association.

While we sat on the patio sipping some brews, Dan got talking about some of his articles in the CN Journal, and I had to admit that I had let my membership lapse due to procrastinating (and losing the renewal form). At Dan's suggestion, I went downstairs to visit the CNA table where I paid up and was handed all the back issues of the Journal. At the time, I was completely unaware what one of those issues had in store for me.

Fast forward a whole bunch of months, and I am finally getting around to reading those journals. It was late, and my bride had just turned out her light, but I decided to just flip through the May issue and look at the pictures. Just past the middle something caught my eye.

On the left page was a picture of a Falkland Islands 2d, with an Upland Goose coming in for a landing. On the right page was a Bahamas 10 cents with two Bonefish, and below that a Malawi Florin with an Elephant and calf. Well, that certainly got my attention... not only three animal coins, but three I happened to have in my collection. There was no title on the page, since the article had started on the previous page, but my eye automatically went to the upper left corner, and there I saw... my name!

cnj spread

That was a little surprising. There was a whole article on Daniel's Coin Zoo, taking almost four pages in the CN Journal. Of course, I got very excited and made my wife turn her light back on to have a look. The majority of the article was actually drawn from an interview I did with Joe Kennedy last year for The Planchet, the publication of the Edmonton Numismatic Society, which was published in February of this year.

I guess I better get back to work soon on the zoo, because I still have a lot of work to do if I want to live up to some of the things I said in the interview!