Uruguay 10-PESOS URUGUAYOS (KM134)
Uruguay 10-PESOS URUGUAYOS (KM134)

Uruguay 10-PESOS URUGUAYOS (KM134) Puma

The puma (Puma concolor) goes by many different names, including cougar, mountain lion, and panther. All the same thing, apparently, except "panther" also refers to other cats that are not pumas. According to Wikipedia, most scientists refer to it as a puma (which makes sense, since that is its genus name). Also, puma is the common name in 21 of 23 countries in the Americas.

The walking puma design first appeared on a 10 centesimos coin back in 1930. The background sun has 19 rays, representing the 19 departments of the country.

Uruguay underwent monetary reform in 1993, switching from the Nuevo peso to the Peso uruguayo. This coin as first minted in 2011.


  • Diameter: 28 mm
  • Composition: Brass-clad copper-nickel in Nickel ring (?)
  • CAT#: KM134

Obverse Legend


Reverse Legend


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