Uruguay 1-PESO URUGUAYO (KM135)
Uruguay 1-PESO URUGUAYO (KM135)

Uruguay 1-PESO URUGUAYO (KM135) Armadillo

There are five species of armadillo in Uruguay: Giant armadillo, Greater naked-tail armadillo, Six-banded armadillo, Nine-banded armadillo, and the Southern long-nosed armadillo. The last two are of the genus Dasypus, and I believe the fellow on this coin is the Southern long-nosed, D. hybridus.

They are one of the smaller armadillo species, and also have the smallest range, centred around Uruguay.


  • Diameter: 19.9 mm
  • Composition: Brass-clad steel
  • CAT#: KM135

Obverse Legend


Reverse Legend


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