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There is no Guest Book.

I removed the guest book from this site at the end of May 2018 for a couple reasons:

  • It is always getting spammed by bots and assorted other unsavoury characters.
  • It requires the collection of personal information, and I do not have the time or resources to deal with the European Union's GDPR law. Not sure if it would affect me, but it is just not worth it.
  • It is one more piece of software to monitor and keep updated.
  • Not that many visitors signed it anyway.

This page has been put in its place to avoid all the 404 errors associated with removing the Guest Book. Which is kind of odd, because who is trying to directly access the guest book URL? My guess is no one but bots and search engines.

Also, I decided to preserve all of the entries, so those are below.


Stacey Mayer | Tulalip, Washington, USA | 18 October 2005

:) Wow, Daniel! What a marvelous concept; plus I'm very impressed by your site's beautiful design and logical presentation. I'll be adding links to your site from my main community domains, right away! Bravo, bravo!

Alex | 28 October 2005

Hi, nice site! Keep up the good work!

Rick Simpson | Stoney Creek, Ontario | 2 December 2005

"Great stuff, Daniel. Well done. Rick"

Brad Isbister | MacGregor Manitoba | 2 December 2005

Great site Daniel. Very educational, and some very beautiful coins. Well done!

Steve in WV | Charleston, West Virginia | 3 December 2005

Daniel, An interesting collection approach. Nice presentation, easy to see and move around. Which are the hard to find ones? Steve in WV

REPLY: Spitzbergen was tough: Almost three years of searching, and I never even saw an example. (Then I lucked out and got them all at once!) Greenland polar bears are also hard to come by, and Algeria is proving a tough country to locate coins from. There are others, such as Kiribati, Lithuania, New Hebrides, Paraquay, Qatar, San Marino, Tuvalu, to name a few.

JFK | Edmonton Alberta | 3 December 2005

This website is WILD! I'll be back to visit the zoo often. Do you have a donation button to feed the animals? :eek

REPLY: Thanks for the thought! I hadn't really considered a donation button. Perhaps when I have around 600 coins listed I would feel comfortable adding one.

Cory | Texas | 5 January 2006

Great Site...I found it very informational and setup very well...A very cool idea!

Doug Robichaud | Woodstock NB | 29 January 2006

Great site Daniel, my kids really think it is cool!

Edward Galjaard | The Netherlands, Europe | 14 March 2006

I am really enjoying your site, great scans of the coins. I just purchased a very nice set of coins form Cabinda a former Portuguese colony on the west coast of Africa. All seven coins depict native fish. I do hope you will be able to find these coins so you can add them to your site. All the best and please keep on the good work.

REPLY: Thanks for the compliment and most of all thanks for the tip, Edward! I have added the Cabinda coins -- a country I did not even know about -- to my list.

Bartosz Bladek | Poland | 5 March 2006

Hello, Coin Zoo is very interesting site. Why there aren't any polish coins with animals? For exaple look this (coin is listed on your NEED IT list as Poland Y340 2-zlote [Toad (Popucha Paskowka)]: P.S. My site is available only in Polish language. P.S.2. katalog monet it meens coins (monet) catalogue (katalog). P.S.3 I'm sorry for my english :)

REPLY: I have many Polish animal coin in my collection, but I am working through the alphabet to get them all added. Currently I am on the letter "I", so it will be a bit of time before I get to Poland.

Sydney Frank Howard | Calgary, Alberta | 14 March 2006

I really enjoyed looking at your site, I found it very helpful indeed, keep up the good work. Warm regards Frank!

Bill in Burl | Burlington, ONT | 18 March 2006

A great site Daniel. I see that some of my orphans from various drawers and envelopes have made their way to your pages. I'll keep looking for non-rabid beasts.

Mark | 17 June 2007

Very neat site! As I catalog my collection I frequently reference your site to determine the species of the critters on my coins. It's very helpful! Keep it up!

RenaL | Turkiye | 28 May 2006

Hi, Great page you have here, good job! I intended to contact you but received a failed e-mail notice. Anything wrong with your contact e-mail account?

REPLY: Thanks for the heads up. Somehow my contact email got turned off, but it should be working now.

Tonci Ercegovic | Croatia | 4 November 2006

Sorry,I wrote a stupidity about 20 konv.marka 2005. It`s wrong,it`s the coin of 5 konv.marka 2005 and it is on the listing. Sorry for the mistake

Tonci Ercegovic | Croatia | 29 October 2006

Hello to all visitors! Congratulations to Daniel,nice site. I see that you don`t have listed the Bosnia & Herzegovina coin of 20 konv.marka 2005. It is a coin made for circulation I have one double! From Croatia I seen that you have put a photo of 1 kuna 1994 KM 20. You must know that al coins of that year have an error (luscinnia). In other years KM 20 the error is corrected (luscinia). You don`t listed the 1 kuna 2004 (10th anniversary of kuna circulating issue) KMnew and the 1 kuna olimpics KM 40. That Croatia coins have the same animal but a diferent KM number so maybe you have to put them on the list.

Djluster | 1 June 2006

Great site, I really enjoyed looking around. I will be showing it to everyone. great to show kids thay love animals. Questian thought is there a reason you didn't add any USA coins. like the buffalo, eagles just wandering. or have you just not got to adding those

REPLY: I have nine different US coins in my collection, it's just a matter of adding them to the site. I really liked the 2005 rebirth of the Bison nickel!

Jonathan Levy | 10 June 2006

The Cabinda coins are bogus fantasy issues not authorized by the Republic of Cabinda and are in fact minted in China. Coins dealers who should know better are offering these tokens as genuine. See:

REPLY: Thanks for the tip. While these pieces will not make it into the regular collection, they may one day appear in the ""special exhibits.""

Leonel Brás | Coimbra, Portugal | 20 October 2006

Hello my friend. It´s a pleasure to me to can contribute to your project (i have the same, but with one (my) program). you miss one link: [Photobucket link] [Photobucket link] (your's missing coins from the list) So, please indicate to me (you can use my email) your adress, to send to you the two coins. (if you want to take a look to my program, here is the screen) [Photobucket link] the project is a coin's database from the entire world. (...I need images to it... 8) ) Best regards to you. (pt - as minhas saudações numismáticas.) :)

Tonci Ercegovic | Croatia | 28 October 2006

Hi Daniel, I have also coins from Slovenia that you put in your want list..and others. Please,contact me on my e-mail for a swap if you like

laura burwood | 22 February 2007

hey, just to say i have a gibraltar five pence peice 2001 with the money on it? is it worth anything? thanks

Ed LeBlanc | Florida USA | 31 March 2007

Good evening, I found your web site very interesting. I was not aware that so many coins contained animals. I did notice that you did not include any US coins in either your want list or in your collection. There are several coins including the Buffalo Nickel (1913-1938), the American Bison on the 2005 nickel, several of the statehood quarters have animals as well. IF you are interested I will compile a list and send it along. I\'m sure I will be back to visit your site many times. Thanks

REPLY: The reason I don't have any US coins on my want list is because I already have them all in my collection. It's just a matter of getting them all online!

Ron Beumer | Netherlands, near Amsterdam | 26 March 2007

A great site. I am a cointrader and i was just beginning to give additional information on my selling list (see my homepage) about what is on the coin, since more and more people start collecting certain motives like animals. I learned a lot visiting this site. Thanks to you Daniel! Come around my site and if you find something you like I'll make you a special offer.

Adetola Obembe | UK | 6 September 2006

Hi Jonathan, Your banner with the cut-out coin-beasts is beautiful. Did you create it yourself? I wonder if you know the species of fish that appears on the Uganda 1995 FAO 2 shilling coin? It's a distinctly different species from the one on the regular 200 shillings (1998 onwards). Regards, Adetola.

Sigi | 11 October 2006

"Hi Daniel, You have a very nice site. I found it during my daily surf on the net. It´s a pleasure to see the design and concept. ;) Regards Sigi"

Leos | Portugal | 11 October 2006

Hi, Daniel Very nice work. I have two coins Portugal KM#618 5-escudos [Cow] Portugal KM#619 25-escudos [fish] that can help to complete your wish list. It´s to me a pleasure to join to your friends. Here is the link: i´m the author from the images, so you can use it as you want. a friend from Coimbra, Portugal Leonel Brás

REPLY: Thank you, Leonel. Nice pictures! However, each coin shown in the zoo represents an actual physical coin in my collection. So the real goal is for me to find all of these coins in the wild, rather than just an image. I appreciate the thought, though!

Gerald Corriveau | Montreal | 22 September 2006

:) Daniel, you have a very cool site. Please keep up the good work. It is worth it. I had a lot of fun discovering all these neat animals. Thank you. Gerald

REPLY: Thank you. Hopefully I can get back at it soon. I still have hundreds of pieces to add.

Keith Brook | UK | 6 September 2006

"Hi Daniel Wow, what a great site!! Interesting, varied and a pleasure to roam around. Well done!! My interest is nothing to do with coins, though. I'm really struggling with Hot Property and Joomla. Can I steal your site? Not the content, of course, but how you did it. I'm missing a few million brain cells because of age/genes/bad food etc. Will you help me with a few suggestions or ideas? Thanks for listening. Keith"

Anthony | Lansing, Michigan, USA | 27 April 2007

hi Daniel! a great site! nice collection. here it is a picture of some russian coins for your collection:

Ernesto | China | 18 April 2007

"Hi Daniel, Your website is really impressive, I have the same hobby like you and I have many coins for sale and for trade, but I can not contact you, please let me know your email address, Thanks Ernesto"

Dmitriy Smirnov | San Francisco, CA, USA | 26 March 2007

"Wow, wicked site. I was looking for something like this for a loong time, cause I have type collection of animal coins as well. I'm sure I'll find your site very useful. Thanks!"

Jaanis Strods | Latvia | 22 February 2007

Perfect idea! Actually I believe there should be more Latvian coins beside Salmon (1Lats '92). Cow (2Lati- Cu/Ni '92 and BMT '99), Storch (1Lats '01), Ant (1Lats '03) and maybe Cock (1Lats '05). Maybe- because it's actually image of the weathercock. Anyway, great job!

Harold Angel | Rome, Italy | 28 May 2007

Hi Daniel Your website is fantastic It only misses a contact address. We at FAO have in stock a number of the coins on your want list as follows: Fiji 5 cents KM 77 Iceland 10 Kronur KM 29.1 (1984) Maldives 50 Laari KM 72 Philippines 10 sentimos km 240.2 (The one with the error in spelling Pygmaea) Portugal 5 escudos km618 Portugal 25 escudos km619 St. Helena 1 penny km 1 San Marino 20 lira KM44 San Marino 200 lira KM 123 Seychelles 1 cent Km46.1 If you would like these coins (free of charge) please Email me Harold

REPLY: Thank you for the kind offer! Email sent.

chris | 28 May 2007

hi daniel i have got a gibraltar 5 pence with the barbary macaque on the front and the queen n the back dating 2005 could you tell me more about it as you don't have any information about it on your site could you please email me back thanx

Miguel Costa | Portugal | 16 July 2007

Hello; Very good this site! Best regards

coin7 | Liverpool, NY | 12 September 2007

Nice to see you site.Wow !! your have many coin. I love coin same you. This is my coin album

Randy Maass | Timmins, Ontario, Canada | 15 October 2007

Laurie | Western MA | 26 January 2008

Wonderful website!! Our son just got his Coin Collecting Merit Badge and he\'s decided to collect animal coins-- beautiful site! Thanks for the hard work that went into these pages.

Carlos Solis | Colombia | 1 March 2008

"Hi, your site is very interesting and so special becuase I don't known anybody that collects animal coins. Congratulations for your site PD: I have some of the coins that are in your Wanted List, send me an e-mail and we can talk about it Best Regards"

Braden and Sneed | Missoula, Montana | 2 November 2009

I like your coin zoo. My favorite part is the birds. What's your favorite?

REPLY: I like them all! However, collecting just bird coins would be an excellent endeavor for anyone.

Paul Stewart | Hampshire, England | 3 September 2010

"Hi Dan I can only reiterate what has been said about your site being amazing. So much detail and the images are truly superb. Animal coins have always been my favorite and with the help of this site I hope to expand my knowledge and collection. Thank you Dan for your help in answer to my question and your subsequent solution. Take care Regards Paul"

Luka | Vilnius, Lithuania | 25 November 2010

Hi, I like your website - everything is so clear - good place to find useful information. It was really nice to do all trading stuff. And I love animals!Have a great time :) Luka

Tammy | Brooklyn, NY | 18 April 2012

Hi Daniel!

I like your site, my husband showed it to me and got me started on my own coin zoo. He is an enthusiastic Large Canadian Cent collector, he's helped put together a web site,, you would probably enjoy looking at it also! Anyways I realize how much time and effort it takes to do all the research and to put it together for others to enjoy, he's always working on updating the site! We often go to coin shops and some coin shows to expand HIS collection, so I started collecting animals to put in my coin zoo!!! Anytime I bring back more coins I check your site first for info, so I appreciate your research, esp when you give your personal comical thoughts about a coin, like the 1 from Thailand, what is it? Ha-ha!!! I now have over 200 different coins!

Thanks for your site,


TAMMY | Brooklyn, NY USA | 4 June 2012

I have a coin zoo also, I use your site to help me identify coins and animals, Thanks for all your research!  


Liis | Estonia | 26 June 2012

I love your website. I collect coins also and coins with animals are my favourite!

Julio César | Argentina | 22 July 2012

Te felicito por tu pagina , esta muy linda . muy buenas imagenes y mucha informacion .
gracias por compartir


Rob Parsons | Canada | 1 December 2012

Beautiful website and excellent reference material! I have bookmarked it and will likely visit often to identify the birds on the coins I collect!


Marcie | Canada | 3 December 2012

Great site and reference tool but I'm wondering why you haven't included the Japanese Phoenix, Dragon and Chinese dragons in your mythology coins?

Response: Keep in mind that what you see in the Coin Zoo is my personal collection, and I do not own every animal coin ever minted. Also, I don't know about every one minted, either. I don't know of any Japanese circulating coins with a phoenix or dragon, so if you know of some please let me know! (Just need to know the denomination, and whether it was minted in the 20th or 21st century.)

For Chinese dragons, I do have an entry in my ""need it"" list that ""China - many dragrons"", so I will have some of those (one day).

Daniel M H | Brazil | 25 January 2013

Amazing website! You have so many coins about a single theme! I have one you don`t have, it is a coin from Cameroon, 100 francs, 1975. Hope you find it.


Elizabeth | Langdon, ND USA | 4 February 2013

We have been collecting foreign coins for a while now. We have some animal coins in our collection, but can't wait to get more for our son, Brandon, when he gets older. He's only about 18 months now. Hope he will enjoy them some day and want to collect some of his own. We love your website!

Tim B | Kawkawlin, MI, USA | 12 February 2013

Awesome website! I am a biologist and love collecting animal subject matter coins! I have a fairly large collection of coins with different animals. I am going to go through my coin collection over the next week and make a list of coins that I may have that you do not have on your list. I did go into your ""need it"" list. there are a lot of neat coins there as well. I have just over 50,000 coins as of right now. I would really like to stay in contact with you over the next years. If you are interested in exchanging notes, lists, coins, info, etc, please feel free to contact me via email. Great job on this site. I had a ton of fun looking through your collection. I was so thrilled to find this site. I was actually sent here from Coin Community. I have been a member on there for over a year now as well and would highly recommend that site as well. Cheers,


Marcella | Winnipeg, Manitoba | 20 May 2013

I love your site! Very informative and a great resource. There's one bird you're missing that I've seen so far and that is the Gibraltar Partridge one penny coin. I think it's the Barbary partridge.

I love the Icelandic polar bear, unfortunately I guess it's pretty rare as I haven't seen one yet.

Vonelle | Illinois, USA | 15 October 2013

I first visited your site a year or so ago and it inspired me to start my own critter coin collection. My husband got interested as well and while our coins are not as nice as yours, we're having a lot of fun collecting them.

This is a great site. It's easy to navigate, the photos are great, and I really appreciate all the information I find here.

5cents | Canada | 19 November 2013

As cool as ever, just droped in to say hi.

TAMMY RENY | Brooklyn, NY | 2 January 2014

Hi Daniel;

I really appreciate your help in building my zoo!   I wonder, how do you display your coins, besides the web-site?  I put mine in ""cages"" and identify the coin on the 2x2, then put it in an archival page, that holds 20 coins, then I put them inside a loose leaf binder.   Now I have 3 binders that have a little over 400 coins from over 130 countries!  The binders are HEAVY!!!  So how do you store your coins?

Thanks for all your help!

Ricardo Sierra | Colombia, South America | 21 April 2014

Congratulations Daniel, what a fantastic page and collection. 

Living in Colombia I really love the coins that you just mentioned in your blog. They are really, really beautiful. Being one of the most biodiverse countries in the world I hope the mint will continue introducing more and more special animals from here.

Hope to keep in contact, now that I realize that I am such an amateur when I see my own animal coin collection.



Sissy | Zanzibar island,Tanzania | 4 May 2014

Great page,much appreciated ! Very useful when adding info to my website. Hope you don`t mind if I put some links to yours ?Thanks


S M Hasan | Karachi, Pakistan | 3 June 2014

I am also a coin collector and have over 10,000 coins of different countries, Oldest coins in my collection date back to Hindu period of India (about 600 years).  I never thought of organising them the way you have done.  Genius,  congratulation.

Leo | India | 18 June 2014

Very kewl collections Daniel!!! Keep up & well done!!!

Edgar | Armenia | 29 July 2014

Great job. Really handy. Keep it going!

Megan Smith | North America | 13 October 2014

Hey I was just looking around to see what the coin I found was your website is very nice and well worth some time keep up the good work

Vonelle | USA | 28 December 2014

You've created a wonderful website.  I could spend hours here -- and I probably will.

Alain Michael | Havana | 14 February 2015

Hello Daniel. I discovered your site a few days ago and I have really enjoyed loooking at it. It is wonderful. I have been a coin collector since I was 7 years old and your idea made think about all the coins I have with animals on them. Yesterday I completed the list thanks to your ideas.

On the other hand, I think I have good news for your. I have the 1 cent coin from Cuba with the deeer on it, so if you are still intersted let me know how to send it to you (free of charge). It is just a present from numismatist to numismatist. I love Canadian coins, so we can exchange some of them.

Best regards,


John Sierra | Pasto-Colombia | 26 April 2015

me gusta mucho tu pagina, te felicito, mire que tienes las nuevas monedas colombianas, se miran muy bien en tu coleccion.

Saludos desde Colombia


Dear Sir ,

How are you sir? i am from India , your collection is Excellent sir, i am collecting same theme , and with me i have collected nearly 400 Animals and Birds Coins ....

i learned various things from your website and now i am starting in that way ...

shall i know about your contact details sir...


challa rama murthy sastry

Oleg V. Reshetnikov | Novosibirsk, Russia | 6 July 2015

Dear Daniel, I use your site and your set of animal coins as a standard which I try to get. Good job of you!

Jozef Oravec | Slovakia | 2 November 2015

Great site, you are my blood type.

Good luck!

Sameer Shaik | UAE | 16 December 2016

Thanks this Web helps as I'm a south African living in the uae who has interest in animals, birds and coins

right now I have coins from 64 countries

Tamara Hawes | Bulgaria | 29 March 2018

British living in Bulgaria.

Loving the bird coins.

Thank you.

All coin images in Daniel's Coin Zoo are from my personal collection. I collect, research, and personally photograph every coin displayed on this site. PLEASE do not take my images without permission.

If you would like to use any coin image you see, just ask meThank you.