San Marino 200-LIRE (KM313)
San Marino 200-LIRE (KM313)

San Marino 200-LIRE (KM313) Bear

This FAO issue coin features the stonecutter and a bear.

The stonecutter theme refers to the original founder of San Marino, a stone mason named Marinus the Dalmation. According to tradition, he moved to the highest of the seven hills in 301 CE to escape persecution, and the settlement grew from there.

I do not know the significance of the bear, but Marinus' first abode was a cave. Looking at the image, the bear is either a pet, or a rug.


  • Diameter: 24 mm
  • Composition: Aluminum-Bronze
  • CAT#: KM313

Obverse Legend


Reverse Legend

FAO 1994 R L.200

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