India-British ¼-RUPEE (KM548)
India-British ¼-RUPEE (KM548)

India-British ¼-RUPEE (KM548) Bengal Tiger

The Bengal Tiger is one of six living sub-species of tigers. Tigers, one of four members of the genus Panthera, are the largest and most powerful of cats. They are super-predators, with no natural enemies other than man and other tigers. Tigers are strong swimmers, and have been known to ambush boats for a meal of fishermen. In fact, Bengal Tigers are feared as known man-eaters.

The Bengal Tiger is the national animal of India. It is on the endangered species list, mainly due to habitat loss.

This coin was minted in 1946 and 1947 only.


  • Diameter: 19.2 mm
  • Composition: Nickel
  • CAT#: KM548

Obverse Legend


Reverse Legend


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