Mauritius HALF-RUPEE (KM54)
Mauritius HALF-RUPEE (KM54)

Mauritius HALF-RUPEE (KM54) Javan Rusa Deer

Javan rusa deer are believed to be native only in Java and Bali in Indonesia. However, populations of them are spread across islands of the Indian Ocean and were likely introduced by Indonesian fisherman. It is possible some of these introductions date back over 1,500 years. The Javan Rusa is quite common on Mauritius and is considered a pest in the forests.

This coin is from the reform coinage, starting around 1987. The deer design remains, minted in a different metal.


  • Diameter: 23.5 mm
  • Composition: Nickel-clad Steel
  • CAT#: KM54

Obverse Legend

Dr the Right Honourable Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam KT

Reverse Legend


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