Lesotho 10-LISENTE (KM63)

Angora Goat

The Angora goat was first mentioned in the time of Moses c. 1500 BCE. The goat's fleece (hair) is used to produce mohair, which is a silk-like fabric that is durable, light, and warm (and a favourite material for teddy bears).

Wool production in Lesotho began in the 1850s, and mohair production started shortly after that. Today, South Africa (and Lesotho) is one of the three largest producers of mohair in the world.

The 10-lisente Goat coin was first issued in 1979 in copper-nickel (KM19, later KM61 with modified obverse). It was replaced in 1998 with this smaller gold-colour version.

16 mm
Brass-clad steel
Catalogue #
Obverse Legend
Reverse Legend

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